Giveaway: One Year to an Organized Work Life

I’ve got a review of One Year to an Organized Work Life: From Your Desk to Your Deadlines, the Week-by-Week Guide to Eliminating Office Stress for Good up at LifeHack today. To sum up my review over there, I think it’s a useful tool for getting organized. It presents a holistic approach and a very clear path to getting organized and cutting your stress.

I’m offering up my review copy here, as usual. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling us what your biggest problem in organizing your work is before the end of the day Sunday. I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday (January 13). I will pay shipping within the U.S. — if you win and live outside the U.S., I’ll ask you to cover the difference.

To get us started, my biggest problem in organizing my work is remembering far off due dates. I’ll put them on my calendar, but I won’t really be aware of them until about a week out — a bit of an issue if we’re talking about a project that will take more than a week to complete. I’ve tried a couple of different solutions but fooling myself into thinking that a deadline is much closer than it might actually be seems to work best.


  1. Mel Edwards   •  

    This is a great idea, Thursday…to give away review copies. I’m all about sharing the wealth.

  2. Prolific Programmer   •  

    Me biggest problem is regarding prioritisation. I take a last-in, first out approach to time management — meaning more recent projects are seen as more critical and get done first. I do remember due dates and eventually get everything sorted, but not without lots of (unnecessary) stress.

  3. JR Moreau   •  

    My entry:

    By far. my biggest organizational bad habit is finding absolutely stellar leads, sending out a bunch of emails and then forgetting about them after I send them. Following up is hard for me sometimes because I work a day job and I tend to get overwhelmed and forget if work gets crazy.

  4. Ruth   •  

    My biggest organizational problem is that I am not motivated to complete tasks that don’t have deadlines, even when they’re important (such as re-designing our website). And I have not been successful at resolving this problem by setting my own deadlines, because I know that I just “made it up”, and it doesn’t serve as a motivating force (where as I always pay the bills on time, call the clients when I say, etc.).

  5. JessieX   •  

    My biggest problem in organizing my work is capturing things in my system (I use GTD with a Levenger Circa binder). I tend to act on things that come up NOW and not make them into projects or actions; concurrent with that “my biggest problem,” I often neglect the work I have articulated to run around after the streaming-in-fast work. Oy.

  6. JessieX   •  

    Oh, and my curiosity just happened to be drawn to LifeHacker today and a book about organizing, so I found your blog post coincidental and sweet. I’ll meet you at The Bux if I’m you’re random winner. 🙂

  7. Maria Elena Duron   •  

    My biggest organizational challenge is that I overload my ‘to do’ list. I understand the urgent and important concept yet taking something from concept to practice is entirely different.

    I get passionate about several projects and want to get them all done – yesterday!

    Okay, I’m off to my next item on the list….

  8. Mahmoud   •  

    I’m a software developer, my biggest problem is organizing the changes I made to the software. I make many fixes and features then at the end I got confused what to do with all of these , where the scripts , and what is the order of deployment.

    another problem is managing my own “knowledge base”, I like to save all of my investigations so I can find them whenever I need, But actually every time I find some good tool to save these resources (MS OneNote or saving them to a folder or using Firefox add-on…) and I end up with many tools each have a different set of resources. And finally I format my laptop and half of these resources are gone :).

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