Goals for 2008

Rather than make resolutions for the New Year, I’m planning out some goals. Most have to do with the quantity and quality of my writing, a few have to do with traffic and marketing of my blog. One is even a set amount of money I need to bring in each week.

There’s one that sort of scares me, though. I want to shop around a book proposal — and get it accepted. On the surface, that shouldn’t sound scary, but I’m used to working on projects that I know up front that I’ll get paid on. It feels like a leap of faith to develop a book proposal: I have no guarantee that anyone will want to read the proposal, let alone the book that would be the end of the project. It’s a very scary thought, all around.

I’m trying to convince myself that doing something scary is a good sign — I’m pushing my boundaries and trying something new. It hasn’t quite taken yet, but I’m going to keep repeating that little mantra. Do any of your goals or resolutions for the next year give you the heebie jeebies? Please, tell me I’m not alone.

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