Goals for the month of September

Well, last month I pretty clearly demonstrated that I can hit 1,000 words consistently — usually it was closer to 1,500. For September, I’m going to push myself: I want to write 2,000 words a day, every week day. I’m setting a couple of other goals, as well. I intend to send out 5 queries a week, or some other similar solicitation of work. It doesn’t matter how much you write if you don’t get paid for it. I’ve been trying to send out a high number of queries, but I think it’s useful to state it as a specific goal.

Setting goals can be useful in a number of ways: If it’s clear that I’m slacking off, it’s obvious to both me and you. Feel free to call me on it, if you see me not living up to my own expectations. If a goal is left unstated, then you can always tell yourself that no one will know if you slack off. If you at least state your goal, you will know your own expectations.

What goals are you setting for the month of September?

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  1. Karen   •  

    I agree. Putting those goals down in writing and even publishing them here or on forums like AW, is a powerful and motivating thing. It never ceases to amaze me how much it matters to me if I accomplish a goal that I posted to virtual (hahaha) strangers!

    Very cool that you are stepping up your goals. Good job. Keep it up!

    Karen (Lavinia from AW)

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