Good Things From Other People — May 19

A Sublime Sublime Theme

If you use Sublime Text, check out this elegant theme: Fairyfloss. The theme comes from Amy Wibowo, the publisher of BubbleSort Zines. Her approach to technology makes me feel like a kid in a candy factory!

Gendered Names in AI

Rose Eveleth wrote a look at the name of the new AI legal assistant from IBM you should definitely read. Using some hard numbers around the impact of gendered names, Rose drives home the impact of not only names but of the people who choose them.

Getting Started with Storium

Storium is a storytelling game that’s resulted in some particularly interesting tales. The game now has several beginner-friendly games pulled out to get new players started.

A Thing I’m Working On

As part of my work as co-chair of Open Source Bridge this year, I’ve promised to wear whatever one lucky backer selects (within certain limits). Even if you’re not interested in my services as a walking advertisement, check out the campaign and consider backing it.

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