Good Things From Other People — May 5

A Conference with a Dash of Volunteering

Affect Conf covers the “work and design behind social change” and is reinforcing that commitment by including volunteer hours as a part of the conference schedule. Both the talks and the opportunity to see inside some local Portland non-profits are well worth the cost of admission. (Full disclosure: I’m on the content committee for this conference, so I am super excited about the talks we selected.) Register for Affect Conf here.

The Right Workbook

Kari Chapin and Hannah Lee teamed up with Scout Books to create an amazing workbook for the PLA earlier this spring. I got to see some of the pages in person and they’re amazing. Scout Books has a mini-case study on the project and now I can’t stop thinking about what sort of workbooks would really benefit my own projects.

A Better Fairy Tale

The Awl sends a weekly email newsletter that changes format every time. Last week, the format was a fairy tale with an ending that sounds pretty good to me. You can see that fairy tale (plus some great illustrations) online. You can also subscribe to the newsletter on the same page, if that’s your thing.

Maybe a Good Thing?

Stripe announced a new hiring initiative where entire teams can apply to work at the company as a group. This could be really valuable for applicants — if a team’s project ends, moving as a group to a new company can be ideal. There’s an argument to be made that it might even make things easier for folks earlier in their career to access certain companies if they can apply with folks who are more advanced.

But I also have some concerns: the tech industry has a diversity problem, in part because startups tend to hire from people they already know. Keeping teams intact may make landing a job without a personal network even harder, especially for anyone who hasn’t had the privilege of working with a good team already. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this experiment.

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