Got a good excuse for not filing your taxes?

I know there are some creative writers around here and, while it’s short notice, this contest may be up someone’s alley. There’s only a few days left before your tax return needs to be in the IRS’ hands — but if you’ve got a great reason why your 1040 won’t be ready, Outright is offering a chance to win $500. The absolute best excuse wins.

I’ve heard some doozies from freelancers in the past, including one guy who simply forgot to file his quarterly estimated payments all year long. By the time April 15th rolled around, he was considering a new identity and a move to Mexico, just to avoid dealing with the IRS.

With the peaks and valleys that go along with the freelance lifestyle, it’s not unusual for something to happen with your taxes. Even one client sending a 1099 late or revising your 1099 after the fact can make a mess of things. But you can request an extension from the IRS, which is pretty much automatic as long as you’ve paid the IRS what you expect to owe for the year.

Personally, I’m just grateful that my CPA does my taxes. I don’t think I would get them in on time otherwise, and I wouldn’t even have a great reason to submit to Outright.


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  2. Sarah E. White   •  

    I got my regular taxes in on time, but I forgot my third-quarter estimated taxes this year because I’d just had a baby six weeks early! I paid them a month late. I thought it was a good excuse!

  3. Wes Masters   •  

    One thing to add: if your goal is to get your tax extension request accepted, then your best option is to file it online. That way you’re guaranteed to get a response from the IRS and can re-file if your request is rejected the first time. If, on the other hand, you choose to send the IRS your request through the mail, you will never hear anything back from them. That means your extension request may never get to the IRS or it could be rejected. In the mean time you’re accumulating late filing penalties without even knowing it. By the way, this also includes the IRS’ freefile. That will tell you your request was rejected, but it won’t give you the reason why.

  4. thursday   •     Author

    @Sarah, Personally, I think a new baby makes for a pretty good excuse…you’ve got a new tax deduction in the house, after all.

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