Green: The Newest Writing Niche

There are so many ads, calls for submissions and editors outright begging for writers with a good understanding of the sustainability movement. Your average news writer can’t just shift gears into covering green stories and neither can your average business writer. That means this niche is perfect for exploitation by any freelance writer willing to put forth the effort.

The thing about writing green is that you need to know just a little more science and engineering than your average writer. You need to be able to look at specs for a new solar panel and translate it into layman’s terms. You need to be able to look at a new soap and be able to tell consumers whether it’s really an improvement for their homes — and whether their pocketbooks can withstand the crunch.

Interested in getting started? Check out these sites to start getting a clearer picture of sustainable news.

  • Hugg: This site gives you an idea of the best green stories today. It operates in pretty much the same way as Digg, but focuses on the best of tree-hugging news.
  • CSRWire: This site is just for press releases on socially responsible topics, including environmentalism. It’s a quick way to find a story on a green topic.
  • TreeHugger: A great site covering green news. A must to have on your daily reading list if you’ll be covering green topics.
  • MatterNetwork: I’m biased, of course, because I write for MatterNetwork. It’s a great resource, though, bringing together scores of articles on all sorts of green topics.

Green writing isn’t just about articles, either. Every company wants to position themselves as just a little greener than the competition these days. If you can step up and say that you’re the green copy writing guru, the expert at sustainable buzzwords, the perfect writer for their eco-friendly project, you can pick a little green of your own.


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  5. Rob   •  

    This is so true today. Although, I’m not sure this will last long if the ‘Green Thing’ doesn’t go away (and I don’t think it will). What do you think?

  6. thursday   •     Author

    I think to a certain extent, the green niche will last long-term. It will change, but so has political coverage over the years.

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