HabitRPG is My New Favorite Productivity Tool

A few friends convinced me to join HabitRPG a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve become an enthusiastic convert!

The idea behind HabitRPG is that we can treat our to-do lists like a game. We can get points for knocking items off the list, level up, and even help friends defeat bigger monsters. HabitRPG offers a little motivation for the things we know we need to do.

For me, the biggest win is that I’m ‘playing’ in a group. If I let down my party — if I fail to complete my tasks, leading us to take damage as a group from whatever monster we’re currently fighting — I feel like a jerk. I definitely recommend playing with a group (preferably people you see regularly face-to-face), because the accountability HabitRPG offers is masterful. It’s even an improvement on traditional accountability models in some way, because no one else can see what your tasks are: you get the positive reinforcement from your friends without having to explain any embarrassing tasks you’re struggling with.

HabitRPG is not a task manager or a to-do list in and of itself, though. I’m using it alongside Asana (I’ve forced the rest of my household on to an Asana workspace and I won’t give that up). I would love to see an integration between the two, but I don’t expect that to happen any time soon. And that’s okay: HabitRPG excels at adding a little bit of motivation, not at nagging you about a missed deadline. I’ve found it beneficial because some of my time-insensitive work would normally get ignored, but HabitRPG treats all tasks equally.

HabitRPG is available on a freemium basis and I’m currently on the free plan. So far, I’m not feeling any great push to move over, though I expect that I’ll pay for a plan in order to support the makers. Unfortunately, HabitRPG does seem to have a lot of downtime. However, the underlying software is open source, so you can go fix it if you’re emotionally invested enough.


  1. Michael Kwan   •  

    I started using HabitRPG some time last year and it was fun for a while, leveling up my character and collecting pets. The appeal starts to wear thin after you’ve upgraded the armor as far as it’ll go and you’re really just trying to find enough eggs and hatching potions. I will agree that it’s far more effective if you have more friends to “challenge” you and to keep you motivated, as that’s something I was lacking at the time.

  2. Martin Lindeskog   •  

    Thursday: I will test this Role Playing Game in order to get things done. I used a similar in the past, but I got tired of the gaming aspect after some time. 😉 How to do you play with others? I am thinking of testing it out with my podcast co-host, Lotta Gergils Aston.

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