Handling the Holiday ‘Help’: 3 Strategies to Get Your Work Done With Family Around

I love my husband. He’s great. When he’s home, I want to spend time with him. The problem is that his work schedule gives him more time off than I’m planning to take for the holidays. If I actually intend to get work done, I have to think long and hard about how I plan to do that ahead of time.

  1. Get out the ‘Honey Do’ list: If my husband is taking care of all those little chores that pop up, he’s distracted from distracting me. And if he decides that he’d rather be elsewhere during the day than do chores — well, I’ll miss him, but I’ll still be able to spend time with him in the evenings.
  2. Pull out the headphones: I know that it’s the sound that gets to me — the noise of someone else moving around that isn’t usually there when I’m working. Headphones can cut that noise, limiting my need to go investigate just what my husband and the cats have gotten themselves into this time.
  3. Make a deal: I’ve made my fair share of bargains along the line of, “If you’ll leave me alone while I finish this article, we can go to the movies afterward.” Get what you have to do done and then enjoy!

There’s another option I didn’t mention in my list: work ahead. I’ve tried to do a little more work than normal in the past couple of weeks so that I could take at least a little extra time off — it’s hard considering the fact that I’ve already had to plan carefully to be able to take off those days I wasn’t planning to work anyhow. But the flexibility a freelancer’s schedule offers is one of the reasons we chose this career, and it’s worth taking advantage of.

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