How a Business Card Design Can Change a Life

Running a business — no matter how small — is about identity. In fact, the smaller your business, the more you need to differentiate between yourself and your competition on a personal level. What’s the difference between two people competing for a small project? Personality, mostly.

In South Africa, reports Good Magazine, “…it’s common to see unemployed individuals walking car to car looking for work. Cut off from the formal job market due to lack of education and resources, the only way these individuals can connect with potential customers is by distributing hand-written business cards to drivers.”

Natasha Viljoen, a Cape Town-based designer, has worked with a variety of these individuals to create professionally designed business cards so that they could better promote themselves. With skill sets ranging from furniture upholstery to sculptor, Viljoen has helped these individuals recast themselves as entrepreneurs, as well as differentiate themselves from the competition.

It’s a brilliant approach to help someone make a dramatic improvement in their lives. Communicating professionalism when you’re walking from car to car to ask for work is difficult, but having a printed business card immediately improves the situation — a chance for design to have real world impact.

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