How to Stay Connected with the People You Want to Work With

I’ve been at a lot of networking events lately and I’ve met some incredibly awesome people. I keep a list of people who I want to work with in the future and I’ve definitely added some names to that list. But I do keep running into a problem: how do I stay in touch with those people who I like but that I don’t have a particular project to work on with them?

In the past, I would just add them on a couple of social media accounts and move on. But I’ve found that approach doesn’t stand the test of time; when I go back to reconnect with someone who I met a year or two ago, not everyone remembers where we met or who I am. We’re all busy people, but it’s still a bit frustrating.

I’ve looked at different ways to create deeper ties, even when I don’t have an obvious connection. I’m lucky: given that I’m first and foremost a writer, I have a built-in option. I can look for ways to write about the people I want to be connected with, whether that means pitching a story to a publication or writing a post for my own blog.

But there are other opportunities, too:

  • Create a private networking group
  • Make a habit of sending emails or even snail mail to your connections on a regular basis
  • Find a non-work way to connect (board game night!)

If you really want to build a stronger connection with someone, you’ve got to invest some time and effort in the relationship. Not all connections will pay off, but enough do to these sorts of efforts worthwhile.


  1. Randy Hoyt   •  

    As a web developer and an independent board game publisher, I say +1 for board game night!

  2. Stevie Storck   •  

    I think sending mail or email is a great way to keep up connections. However, when writing for the purpose of keeping in touch, I have trouble coming up with what to write and worry that my message will come across as trite or annoying. I would love to hear any advice on what works for you!

    • thursday   •     Author

      Since I spend a lot of time reading articles online, I make that habit work for me. As I’m reading, I try to keep in mind who I know who might benefit from a particular article (or at least get a laugh out of it). If someone comes to mind, I’ll drop a link in an email and send it along.

      I’ve also found that when there’s someone in particular I know I need to touch base with, I’ll spot more articles that might be relevant to them.

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