I Always Want More Metrics

I purchased a Fitbit about four months ago. I wear it everywhere, track a few added metrics on the Fitbit’s mobile app and generally obsess over where my numbers are. It’s fascinating to see how much I can impact my various numbers from day to day, often through very small actions.

Obsessing over analytics certainly isn’t new for me, but by taking measurements from my personal life, rather than from my business, I feel like I’m upping the ante.

I’ve never been particularly good at remembering to do certain things. I get engrossed in my work or in a book or in a conversation — suddenly I haven’t eaten all day. While the Fitbit hasn’t solved that particular problem, just constantly having it with me points my attention towards doing things like walking around a little more. I want to get my numbers up, which I am reminded of every time my hand brushes that little gadget.

Metrics matter. We’re in business, so we already know that. But they matter in our personal lives, too. It’s not possible to quantify every last detail of your personal life, but little details — like how much you’ve walked around, away from your computer — may give you some insights. Without numbers, it’s always harder to make the right decisions.

Collecting data about myself is becoming my new fascination. I can’t wait to see what else I can track and tweak.

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