I Remember Why I Don’t Write Pop Culture

I’ve been putting together an article celebrating an anniversary for a now defunct comic strip — don’t worry, you’ve heard of it.

But I made the mistake of assuming that the business people still managing that particular comic strip would like, you know, a little publicity and would be willing to let me use a panel or two from the 3,160 published strips they have as art for the article. I even told the editor I’d talk to them and arrange it.

The first set of email exchanges implied that they’d look into the publication and get back to me. A million years later and another set of attempts to contact the lady handling my request and I get a short response that no, we can’t use any of the strips. But, hey, it’s a cool angle and they wish me luck!

Okay, I can live with not being allowed to use their copyrighted material. It won’t kill me. Waiting until two days before my deadline, however, might.

In conclusion, writing about stuff that I either can’t go create art for myself or use stock photos — that is to say, the grand majority of pop culture — is surprisingly painful.

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