I’m Thankful For…

This week is Thanksgiving, at least in the U.S. In addition to thinking about all the amazing food I plan on eating on Thursday, I’ve given a little thought to why I’m so thankful to be able to make a living off of my writing.

  1. There are no limits on what I do, except those that I create. If I was working for an employer, I would be able to get a raise of a few percentage points every year, if I was lucky. As a writer, though, there have been years where I more than doubled my income from the year before.
  2. I really can work from anywhere. If I want to spend a month or two in another country, all I need to do is make sure that I can get internet access. Packing is probably a good idea, as well.
  3. I hate working in a traditional office environment. Wearing office appropriate attire was the bane of my existence during the different times I’ve held down such jobs — and the fact that going barefoot in offices is a provlem for most employes was a major issue for me.

Not to be particularly maudlin, but I appreciate that not everyone is willing or able to work like I do and this seems like a good time to think about the matter. Is there anything about writing for a living that you’re particularly thankful for?

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  1. Ali Luke   •  

    I love being able to take time off mid-week – the flexibility is fantastic. It means I can spend time with family, hit the shops when things are quiet, catch a movie on Wednesdays (we can get cheap tickets then) … all sorts.

    I really like being able to take a nap or have a rest in the middle of the day if I’m feeling a bit ill (like I am today … sniffle) – rather than have to make the choice between struggling into an office or phoning in sick.

    • thursday   •     Author

      Those are both good — and I hope you feel better. Get over those sniffles!

  2. Walter   •  

    Being a writer I’m very thankful, for in it comes great opportunities. By combining faith and action I can touch the lives of many people, then all other things shall be added. :-)

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