It’s all about who you know

Finding ideas and stories is something that most writers constantly think about. And considering just about everyone has a story to tell, it can be as simple as talking to a neighbor or a friend.* When you’ve written all the stories you can think about from your immediate circle of acquaintances, though, it may feel as if your ideas are drying up.

There’s a simple solution: meet new people! I know that may not sound so easy to some of us, but there are so many opportunities to do just that.

Consider It’s a website based entirely on setting up gatherings of people with similar interests. If you type in your zip code, you could find just about anything. Tomorrow, for my zip code, there are meetups for event planning, cigar enthusiasts and speakers of Romanian. Just try to tell me that you can’t find a story somewhere in that.

There are plenty of options for meeting people that don’t involve leaving the house, either. Consider signing up for a social networking site, like LinkedIn. There are plenty of ways to meet other users of the site, such as asking and answering questions, or introducing yourself to connections of your friends and colleagues.

Even if reaching out is a bit scary, it can be very worthwhile in your hunt for that next article idea.

*There can be a bit of sifting involved — the separating out of stories that just don’t work with your style of writing or are difficult to substantiate.

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