Jason Cohen on Scaling

Bronson Taylor interviewed Jason Cohen on GrowthHacker.tv recently. Cohen said one thing in particular that I’ve been thinking about over and over again:

“Scale causes rare events to become regular.”

When your business grows, what was a once-in-a-while problem when you only had a few customers happens a lot more frequently when you have more customers. Your problems are still relatively rare, but the space in which problems can occur has expanded, making it seem like they’re happening far more frequently.

This sort of scaling issue isn’t exactly foreign to me. In fact, I’ve seen it multiple times: at every step of the scaling process, I’ve deal with different problems becoming common place.

But seeing those problems as part and parcel of the scaling process is a new concept for me; in the moment, you just look at such issues as constant headaches that you need to find a way to solve. Recognizing them as a part of the scaling process is difficult at best. But I have a feeling that being able to see such issues for what they are, and prioritize finding solutions can speed up the process of bringing on more customers.

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