Location Independence: A Perk for Freelance Writers

In the next two months, I have two fairly long out-of-town trips planned. While I am working to make sure that as much of my work is done ahead of time as possible, I’m not worried because I know that I’ll have time to work while I’m on the road. That’s one of my favorite perks as a writer — wherever I can take my laptop, I can work.

Some writers have fully grasped the fact that they don’t need to be anywhere in particular for most assignments. They’ve packed up and travel all over. Some have even moved permanently
to far off places where a writer’s salary can be stretched much further.

There’s a relatively new blog on the subject, Anywired, that I think has some great information on working from anywhere.

We may not all be cut out for the nomadic lifestyle. Kids, cats and other family members may not be so easy to pack up as our laptops are. But keep thinking about how you can be location-independent. Can you take that trip with your other half right in the middle of a big project? Can you work on an article while you’re at swim lessons with the kids? Can you pitch to a big magazine three states away and still be relevant?

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