Market Your Freelance Writing In 31 Days: The Ebook

I’m proud to present the ebook of “Market Your Freelance Writing In 31 Days.” Available for $13, it includes 65 pages of the information you need to market your freelance writing services and increase your income.

Buy Now

Yesterday, I mentioned that I would announce a surprise this morning, in addition to the ebook. I’ve decided to sweeten the deal for the first ten buyers. If you’re in the lucky ten, you’ll get a free hour-long consultation: I’ll help you review your printed and online marketing efforts to make sure that your marketing is helping you connect with the right clients.

I typically only offer marketing reviews for my clients as a part of implementing an overall marketing plan, so this is essentially a one-time offer. I handle all consulting over Skype or by phone. If you don’t get one of these ten slots, I can’t even guess when I will offer this sort of consulting again.

The marketing slots are all gone. Thanks!

My Guarantees

First and foremost, the posts that were the genesis remain online. You can read through them whenever you want, without paying a cent. In fact, I’ve made a list of the posts so that you have the links for all 31 days in one place. It isn’t the full ebook, but for some writers, it’s enough to get started on marketing.

Second, I’m offering my personal guarantee that you’ll find this ebook to be a great resource. That means that I’ll offer a full refund for anyone who buys the book but decides that it doesn’t help them with their marketing.


  1. Scott Cheatham   •  


    Just purchased the ebook. Looking forward to reading it. I’m sure it’s solid like your online stuff! Congrats on publishing it. Did you use a specific program to format this?

  2. thursday   •     Author

    @Scott, I laid the ebook out in InDesign. I’ve done a lot of layout work in the past and still pick up the occasional project.

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