Marketing Is More Than Landing Clients For Freelance Writers

Marketing is more than landing clients. It’s more than who will ask you to work on a project — it affects who YOU can ask to work on a project.

Today, I had a milestone in my writing career: I’ve been writing for some decently well-known websites for quite a while, including one which occasionally provides content to the New York Times. One of the best known newspapers chose to pick up one of my articles and run it on their website.

As proud as I may be of this situation, the fact is that the entire situation came about because of the time I’ve poured into marketing myself.

The article in question is an interview — the subject is very well-known in certain circles. I didn’t actually seek out this particular interview, though. Because I’ve networked with people in the field — it’s a niche I routinely cover — one of my contacts actually sought me out to set up this interview. He works with the interview subject and knew that she would be in my area, just before they had a relaunch of their site and offered to set up an interview.

My marketing directly translated into an interview that went all the way to the New York Times website. Marketing goes far beyond simply adding to the list of clients you write for — it can add to the list of people you write about.


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  2. Jon Buscall   •  

    Well done! And congratulations !
    It’s a great feeling when things finally come together.

    I’ve just been reading Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae and his story about the Beatles fans that self-published and marketed a book made me think about a basset hound book I’ve been meaning to write for a while.

    Happy scribbling and marketing !

  3. thursday   •     Author

    @ Jon I think it’s great that you’re considering working on a book. You’ll have to keep us updated as you move forward with it.

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