Meme: Your Writing Strengths

Elrena at As Yet Untitled tagged me with a meme: I have to list about five of my writing strengths.

  1. My Google Fu is strong. I’m able to find just about everything I need in the way of research (or at least a phone number to set up an interview).
  2. I can find an idea in anything. I dissect magazines, save blog articles and take copious notes (with snarky comments in the margins, I admit) and all of it can be turned into an article or a story.
  3. I got good grammar! That is to say, in just re-reading a piece, I can almost always identify what ‘sounds’ wrong. Despite a slight tendency towards passive voice, most grammar is instinctive with me.
  4. I’m not a snob. I’ll write about anything that interests me — and that’s just about everything, from business to cooking to arts & crafts. Same goes for fiction: zombies, angst and medical issues are all familiar territory.
  5. I’m relatively low maintenance. Keep the internet connected and let me bake cookies occasionally, and that’s all I need. No booze (Poe), depression (Plath) or excitement (Hemingway) to keep me writing.

I’m a bit at a lose to tag people, so how about this? If you read this meme on October 11, you’re tagged. Otherwise, you’re off the hook.

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