My Night Out with Brazen Careerist

Brazen Careerist DC meetup by you.

You know that Brazen Careerist logo on my sidebar? Yeah, that one. It’s a link to a whole bunch of bloggers who talk about the challenges and opportunities of being a Gen Y member of the work force.

On Wednesday night, I got the opportunity to meet a bunch of the other Brazen Careerist bloggers in person. It was absolutely great.

I love having the opportunity to talk to people who know at least a little about the sort of work I do. It’s more than just networking — although the importance of networking can’t be ignored. But freelance writers aren’t exactly known for the amount of time we spend partying. Most of us work alone as a necessity of our businesses. The Brazen Careerist meetup was, however, a whole room full of people who write and blog regularly.

The internet makes it a little easier for writers and other freelancers to find the support that we all need, but there really is no substitute for the occasional in-person get together.

There are two people who were there that I want to specifically mention. First, Brian Keating. Brian was there as the representative of CORT — the company that sponsored the evening. I’ve been to plenty of event where sponsors have been a less than pleasant burden, but Brian made sure that he focused on how CORT is relevant to Gen Y. Great job, Brian, and my thanks to CORT for sponsoring.

Second, Alex Rampy. Alex absolutely made my evening when she came up and told me that she reads this blog. Alex also blogs, covering social marketing in depth — a topic that I know a lot of freelance writers are interested in — and I suggest taking a look at her blog, Social Butterfly.


  1. Hi Thursday!

    Thanks for the shout-out, and I agree…Brazen’s meetup was a lot different than most events or social media get togethers. The convos were in-depth, smart, fun and authentic. I especially enjoyed meeting you as well! Hopefully, our paths will cross again soon. Let me know when you are ever in the DC area =)

  2. Ryan Paugh   •  

    Hey Thursday!

    I look like a pretty big goofball in that pic, but I guess that sums me up perfectly.

    It was great to meet you in person. I hope we get to do it again soon.


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