My software(s) of choice

So, I use this odd combination of word processing software to get through my day, and it works for me. Half of being an effective worker is, after all, figuring out what works for me. I want to know why it works, though, and I want to know what your system is and how you keep it running.

TextEdit: I work on a Mac, and this is the text editing software that automatically comes with. I don’t actually use TextEdit to write in, but I find it ideal for taking notes. No idea why, and I don’t even save those files half the time. I guess you could consider TextEdit my scratch pad.

WriteRoom: I use WriteRoom for writing fiction. It makes it difficult to switch over to time wasters like the Internet (which can be problematic if I’m working on a story that requires research) and does well at keeping me on track.

MicrosoftWord: I’ve had to conform for the sake of keeping editors sane. I use MicrosoftWord for articles and such. I also know a lot of the shortcuts so I can breeze through editing and the like. I’d like to switch to one of the free varieties like OpenOffice, but it doesn’t quite match up with MicrosoftWord with stuff like ‘Track Changes’.

GoogleDocs:  Any documents I consult daily, like the editorial calendar I’ve constructed for my blogs, get tossed into GoogleDocs, so that I can access them no matter what computer I’m on, and so I don’t have to keep extra applications open when I’m already running the resource-hogging Firefox.

So, what about you? What software do you use, and why?


  1. Shauna   •  

    Interesting that you quote GoogleDocs. I have seen a lot of advertising about it, but haven’t really heard any reviews. However, I love having the portability of keeping everything online (I use iGoogle and Google Notebook already lol), so I might just look into it. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. thursday   •     Author

    GoogleDocs now has spreadsheets and presentations, as well. It doesn’t have quite all the tools of MicrosoftOffice, but it’s getting there.

  3. Nancy   •  

    I bounce between a desktop PC and a Mac iBook, so I use a variety of software as well. On my PC it’s TextPad and Microsoft Word. When I’m using my iBook I use AppleWorks and GoogleDocs. The latter is especially valuable for the novel I’m co-writing with a friend. GoogleDocs prevents version control problems.

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