My Writing Bucket List: The 5 Goals that Make Up My List

As a writer, I’ve set myself some goals over the course of my career. Some I’ve accomplished, some I’m still looking forward to. These aren’t always goals that I can just get out there and achieve, of course. Several of them are steps that I have to work my way up to in steps while some of them are just a matter of carving out the time. Since I’ve just finished up a big project, I felt like now was a good time to share my bucket list — as far as writing goes.

  1. Earn my living as a writer — Accomplished
    I’ve wanted to write as long as I could remember, but I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer (speaking in terms of my profession) until I was in college. But I figured out that I wanted to earn a living from my writing and I wanted to do it right. I originally figured that meant getting a job in PR or in journalism, but I started freelancing while looking for a job after graduation. Freelancing rapidly turned into a full-time business for me and I’ve been doing it ever since.
  2. Write a book-length manuscript — Accomplished
    My new ebook, The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Passive Income, would make up a short book if I published it in print. But I’ve written longer manuscripts as well — several 30,000+ word pieces, which I consider the absolute bottom limit for a book. But that leads me to the third item on my list.
  3. Have a book I’ve written on shelves at the big chain bookstores — Not Yet
    While I’ve had sections in several books you can find down at your local Borders or Barnes & Noble, I’ve yet to get a book of my own on the shelves. I’d like to, though, if only to make sure my family realizes that I’m not actually going to starve as a writer.
  4. Endow a scholarship for the newspaper staff at my alma mater — Not Yet
    I worked hard on The Collegian (my university’s weekly paper) while I was an undergrad. It was truly an important part of my education as a writer. But there’s not a lot of financial recognition that goes into working for the student newspaper and I want to, eventually, be in a place where I can help out those students who want to work on the paper but may not be able to because of financial issues.
  5. Build up my own publications / websites to the point where I can choose how much client work I’ll take — Not Yet
    There are projects I do for clients that I adore. They could probably get me to take a lower fee just for the pleasure of working on something so amazingly cool. There are other projects, though, that make we wish I could curl up in a ball. I’ve already started reducing what painful projects I take, but one of my long-term goals is to be in a position where I don’t have to take any client work in a given week if I don’t feel like it. I’ve got a ways to go, but I feel like I can see where I’m heading.

What’s on your writing bucket list? What do you want to have written before you kick the bucket?


  1. Sharon Hurley Hall   •  

    This looks a lot like my writing bucket list, Thursday. Good luck on achieving your goals.

  2. Jennifer Blanchard   •  

    Congrats on achieving 2 of the 5 goals you have so far. I think it’s awesome that you want to set up a scholarship for your alma mater’s newspaper staff. I have a similar goal–to set up a scholarship for my alma mater’s Editor-In-Chief. Because I held that position for a year, and I know the amount of work involved, I think it would be nice to give back to the paper in that way.

  3. thursday   •     Author

    @Sharon, I feel like, for a lot of us writers, there’s some significant overlap in our bucket lists. It might be interesting to ask around and see what goals are on everyone else’s lists.

    @Jennifer, It can be so hard to be involved in student papers — there’s so much work and, unless you’re at a school with a killer journalism program, so little support from the school.

  4. Leslie A. Joy   •  

    As someone who isn’t a writer, per se, but does writing as part of their job, my list is slightly different.

    So for some variety:

    My Virtual Assistant Bucket List:

    1.) Make a livable income from freelance Virtual Assistant work. (seems to be a two step forward, one step back sort of thing, but in progress)

    2.) Create a information content site specfically for social media and freelancing to make research on these topics easier (in progress)

    3.) Launch a web app directory. (The one’s I’ve come across, well, they suck. I want to make one that doesn’t.) (Haven’t started).

    4.) Create a blog with a decent readership. (In progress. Once again, seems to be a two step forward, two steps back kind of thing).

    5.) Launch a series of short ebooks on using different App Suites for Business and include a variety of tips and how-to’s that aren’t common knowledge. (Sort of like Make Use Of and their eBooks, except business centered)

    On second glance, mine seems to be fairly similar after all. Maybe it’s just a freelancing thing?


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