MySpace for Writers

If I run across something several times in a week, I kind of consider it an omen that I need to talk about the topic. In the past week, I’ve run across several writers who use MySpace pages as their personal websites.

I think maintaining a MySpace page can be very valuable, especially if you have the time to update it fairly regular and can devote some time to friending people who can help you find freelance writing opportunities.

But a MySpace page isn’t a website. If you direct potential clients to a MySpace page for samples of your writing or as a way to contact you, you’re going to wind up with far fewer clients than if you set up a professional website at I don’t think I can overemphasize the fact that a professional writer needs a professional site.

A few examples of why:

  1. If you copy your clips to your MySpace page, formatting goes out the window.
  2. MySpace is associated most commonly with teenagers — not professionals.
  3. MySpace has millions of users. Someone could easily associate the wrong MySpace page with you.

I understand the motivation for using MySpace: It’s free and easy.  I admit that you can’t get a domain for free, but I think this is one of those times when an investment in your writing career will really pay off. And, though your website will cost a little money, the design side can be fairly simple. Web hosts like GoDaddy will set you up with a WordPress install, offering a very simple way to design your website.

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