Next Week: The Copyright Series

Copyright is complex enough, I know. But it seems like every week, someone comes out with some brilliant fix to all the ills of modern copyright law. Creative Commons, copyleft, Founder’s copyright. None of them seem to make much sense, and it’s hard to tell just how valuable they might be to freelance writers.

Well, we will spend next week sifting through the copyright question, so if you have any questions, get them in over the weekend and we’ll try to address them. We’ll also look at some current issues dealing with copyright.


  1. Mrasey   •  

    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to learning more…


  2. Soccer Mom   •  

    I’ll be back to read more. Copyright is certainly a thorny issue.


  3. Rebecca Laffar-Smith   •  

    Copyright can be a sticky issue. Confusing at the best of times and costly at the worst. I’m looking forward to seeing some light shed on vital copyright issues.

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