Pitching Influencers Won’t Get You Where You Need to Go

The real problem with focusing on promoting your products to influencers is that there’s a natural cycle to how everyone adopts new products. Just getting a blogger to write about a product once isn’t going to get most of their audience to start using something new.

It takes multiple mentions, along with some hearty endorsements, to get someone to use a product in such a way that they’ll continue to be a fan for the long haul — or to get a blogger to the point where she’ll casually mention products without really thinking about the matter.

I just wrote an article for one of my clients about how small business owners can better document their internal processes and workflows. I mention three specific tools. One is the industry standard — something that everyone uses. I’ve used it in the past, but didn’t like certain features. I still consider that tool a good option for people with different needs than my own. The second is the tool I actually use myself, which numerous friends mentioned to me as the central mechanism for running their businesses. I can even tell you who most of those people are and who should ultimately get the referral credit. The last tool is one that an acquaintance worked on for a while: he did pitch me a story on it, but he and I also have a lasting business relationship that makes me take a closer look at anything he works on.

Getting influencers on board for a given product isn’t enough: to use influencer marketing in a truly successful manner, people have to love what you do. It may be a question of loving what you’ve done over the course of your career, or just providing the exact perfect product for a niche, but that adoration needs to be present.

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