On Sunday, I headed to Philadelphia for the second day of PodCamp Philly. Considering what a great time I had, I’m sorry I missed the first day.

I learned a lot and you’ll probably be hearing a bit around here about the particulars of the sessions I attended: stuff like business blogging, affiliate marketing and other little bits of information I think are useful for freelance writers — as well as anyone working online.

We need to keep our online skills sharp. The jobs that we’re chasing are evolving — looking for writers who can handle HTML or podcasting. Unconferences, such as PodCamp, are a great opportunity to learn more about those skill sets. They’re also relatively inexpensive and entirely local — perfect for the average freelancer. I encourage you to go to the conferences in your area, even if you can’t go to the big, expensive, out-of-town conventions.

The picture above is Mark Blevis speaking to the PodCampPhilly crowd during the closing festivities. He actually traveled from Canada to attend.

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