Productivity and Creativity: A Toolbox to Improve Your Work

Unless this is your first time here, you’ve probably heard my soapbox speech on how pre-packaged productivity systems tend not to work for creative professionals (like those of us who earn our livings writing). I’ve been writing about the topic a lot recently because Ali Hale and I decided to do something about the problem. As of this morning, we’re launching the Creativity Toolbox.

This is a set of tools to help creative folks (including us writers), find the right approach to actually getting our creative work done. Because creativity can work dramatically differently between different people, we made the choice to create tools that help you figure out how your creativity ticks, along with some tools for turning that creativity into an income. Being creative day in and day out, after all, needs some more specialized planning than just having a creative hobby.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d appreciate it if you headed over to the page laying out the details of the Creativity Toolbox now. The toolbox will only be available until Friday (when my partner-in-creativity, Ali, is turning off her computer to go and get married). We’ll be offering it again after Ali’s back from her honeymoon, but the price will be significantly more.

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