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1634: The Ram Rebellion by Eric Flint

Now, Flint’s the author I point to when someone asks what you can do with a degree in history. As a rule, his alternative history / sorta sci-fi novels are my favorites without a second thought. I recommend Mother of Demons to just about everyone I know and I’ve reread An Oblique Approach and the other Belisaurius novels every couple of months since mid-high school. I totally fan-girled all over when he came to Conestoga a couple years back. But The Ram Rebellion is not the Eric Flint I know and love. It’s just… weird. It was originally slated to run as a short story collection with a novella tacked on, and really, that’s what it is. The different writing styles of the various writers involved really threw me for a loop in spots. All of the stories stand alone within the Grantville universe, but follow a shared story line. However, that story line didn’t quite make sense in spots — some of the stories feel like authors were given a set of circumstances and told to come up with something, rather than allowing the whole thing to develop in one piece. I won’t stop reading everything he writes, but I’m still just a bit disappointed in Flint

On Writing Romance: How to Craft a Novel That Sells by Leigh Michaels

As writing resources go, this one ain’t half bad. I’ve been toying with the idea of attempting to write a romance novel — it’s a good genre because it’s fairly structured, and lots of publishing options. Michaels lays out several of the important facts (sub-genres, a little background on the who’s and why’s of the main publishing houses) before she launches into the standard novel writing style guide. And, glory be, she actually spends a big chunk of time looking at how to effectively write about relationships: the meat and cheese of a romance novel. And Michaels is talking about something she knows: she’s written over 85 romance novels.

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