Review: 73 Ways to Fire Up (or Just Fire) the Muse

I write a lot. There are weeks when I feel like I do absolutely nothing beyond dream up new article ideas and then write them. That can be a bit wearing and I can’t afford writer’s block. To combat creative fatigue, I’m always on the look out for a little inspiration. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen’s ebook, 73 Ways to Fire Up (or Just Fire) the Muse provides some great tips to moving past obstacles in your writing.

Laurie divided the information into fifteen obstacles, from surviving the fear of rejection to waiting for publication. Each of the fifteen sections starts with an overview of the problem, followed by advice on how to work through those obstacles. That includes advice from big name authors, such Annie Dillard (a Pulitzer-prize winner), as well as from freelancers, writers with day jobs and other practitioners of the craft of writing. There may just be a piece of advice from me in there some where. Laurie winds up each section with a few quotes from the most successful writers out there — like Agatha Christie.

Different Opinions and Different Approaches

Considering writing is a creative act, the fact that there are so many different approaches to even something as simple as finding something to write about should come as no surprise. One of the strengths of 73 Ways to Fire Up (or Just Fire) the Muse is that it showcases so many different approaches. No matter your style or subject matter, you’ll find useful advice in this ebook.

The organization also makes it easy to use this ebook. If you’re having a specific problem with your writing, don’t bother with reading the book straight through — there’s great information in each section, but it may not be applicable to what you’re going through right now. Skip to the section that really reflects what you need to work on and see what tips and quips Laurie has collected for you.

You can purchase 73 Ways to Fire Up (or Just Fire) the Muse for $9.95. I’d like to point out, of course, that it will be a more useful resource for some writers than others. If you have a system that works for you, this ebook may be overkill — especially if changing your system would slow you down.

If, however, you need some help with the creative side of the writing business, this ebook can help you see how other writers are doing it and give you some ideas on how to up your game.