Review Copy Giveaway!

I have a review copy of Genuine Men: Journeys in Stories and Stills by Nancy Bruno. This book is the end result of a combination of Nancy’s passions: black-and-white photography and telling the stories of everyday heroes.

To win this book, I want to hear how you combine your passions — leave me a comment telling me who you do it. I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday morning, so get your comments in!

As usual, the contest is open to any entrants — but I’ll only pay shipping within the U.S. If you live elsewhere and want the book, you’ll have to help me out with shipping.


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  2. Nancy Bruno   •  

    Thank you for your support of Genuine Men and offering it to your readers. I hope that they enjoy reading the stories of these amazing men and visit our site to share their thoughts ( We can all learn from the stories of men. Again, thank you.

  3. Lauren   •  

    I combine my passions through my blog Shooting Stars Mag. I love all aspects of entertainment: books, music, movies, plays, etc. I use this site to showcase and support a wide variety of things that full under these categories. It’s fun for me and I hope I’m helping different people in some small way.


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