Review: D minus for demons (Potential spoilers)

Well, maybe not quite that low, but “Demons Are Forever” isn’t getting shelved next to Dumas, or even McCaffrey in my house.

It’s the third part of Julie Kenner’s “Confessions of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom” series. The first book, “Carpe Demon,” was like a tub of Cool Whip – sugary and fun, but not much in the way of substance. “Forever,” though, feels like someone stuck the Cool Whip in the freezer.

This book is cold. The bubbly chick lit nature of Kenner’s first book hasn’t lasted, and Kate Connor, the titular soccer mom, has stagnated. Her chief conflict is that she still loves her dead husband, as well as her completely clueless second husband. It’s a bit more complicated – the dead man’s running around in a chemistry teacher’s body – but Kenner is relying more and more on chick lit clichés and big bad demons. She even goes so far as to give her characters name brand weaponry: Pampered Chief stoneware cookie sheets.

Now, it’s a decently put together book – no major plot holes to give me headaches. It’s just so similar to its predecessors. “Demons Are Forever” just didn’t get my panties in a twist, sadly.

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