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As you might have figured out last month, I’m very interested in marketing — especially when it comes to the opportunities available for freelancers and small businesses. In part, that’s because I think that marketing such a business has to be different from marketing a larger business. Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool, by Sherry Prescott-Willis, provides a tool that addresses the needs of a smaller business.

Market This brings together information on building a marketing plan — but it’s not a dry textbook meant to help you crank out a plan an inch thick. Instead, it’s a short guide (less than 200 pages), broken down for someone who’s already busy running a business. I read this book a section at a time and still quickly got through it: it’s written so that you can actually do something to improve your marketing before you finish bringing an entire plan together and, when you do complete that plan, you’ve got clear action steps. With Market This‘ guidance, you can create a marketing plan that actually reflects what’s going on in your business, rather than trying to generate pages of numbers and analysis — that may work in a company where an entire department is devoted to marketing, but if it’s just you, that analysis isn’t likely to happen.

The book is somewhat general: it’s meant to guide just about any kind of small business or startup. But it does offer a clear primer on marketing, no matter what business you’re in. If you need a little help with the basics, I encourage you to check Market This out.

As usual, I’m giving away my review copy. You can enter to win by leaving a comment with a question about marketing yourself as a freelance writer before Friday — and I’ll answer those questions on Saturday, as well as randomly selecting the winner. I’ll pay postage anywhere within the U.S. If you win and are based outside of the U.S, I’ll ask you to cover the difference between domestic and international postage.


  1. supa (Mary Beth)   •  

    This book sounds incredibly useful to me right now. I’m just starting out in terms of my freelance career, so my question would be: How does one market oneself when one’s clips/portfolio is a mite bit sparse?

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  3. Douglas Waltz   •  

    My question would be this;
    I am very specific in what I do. I review and interview people in the micro budget film industry. What would be a good way to market that kind of speciality?
    Thanks Bram!

  4. Paul Young   •  

    I’m extremely good in my technical field, experienced, speak at conferences, BUT…I have no degree. This has been a stumbling block over and over again in trying to market myself to clients. Suggestions (other than go get a degree!)?


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  6. EconGrrl   •  

    I love useful bite-sized business knowledge gems! Thanks for sharing.

    How do you recommend we keep our marketing genuine? I have several clients who hate to ‘sell’ and I, myself, have a hard time asking for the sale. I look forward to your thoughts.

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