Review: The Principles of Successful Freelancing

There’s a lot of information out there on how to start freelancing. For some new freelancers, though, hunting down all that information can be a bit time-consuming. That makes an ebook like The Principles of Successful Freelancing, by Miles Burke, a great resource. Burke started from his own experience as a web designer — he started creating websites in 1994 but had a few problems with the business side of freelancing. Burke returned to working as an employee twice more before he got full-time freelancing to work for him.

In order to limit the difficulties other freelancers face, Burke addressed many of the common issues in The Principles of Successful Freelancing. He gives an in-depth consideration of what you need to consider before making the switch to freelancing full-time — without sugar-coating details like worrying about when your invoices really will get paid.

The Principles of Successful Freelancing devotes a full chapter to the transition between employee and full-time freelancer, covering details like creating a business plan and setting goals. The ebook also covers details like setting prices, staying productive and winning clients.

Throughout the ebook, Burke provides case studies, allowing the reader to see the realities of freelancing in action. There is something of an emphasis on web design and similar types of freelancing in this ebook, but the advice and guidance remains true for freelance writers as well.

I read The Principles of Successful Freelancing a while back, but there’s a reason to revisit it right now. You can usually purchase a copy of this ebook for $29.95 through Sitepoint. For the next five days, however, you can download The Principles of Successful Freelancing for free, just by following Sitepoint on Twitter. You can read the details of the giveaway at It is worth noting that Sitepoint teamed up with 99designs for this promotion — the free version of the ebook does have links and ads for 99designs that would not be there if you had purchased it. I’m of the opinion that a few ads are okay when you’re getting such a good resource for free, personally.


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