Review — The Suitcase Entrepreneur

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Sisson at several conferences and I enjoy her blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur thoroughly. She came out with a book by the same name last year, I snapped it up.

If your entrepreneurial goals focus on letting you travel, The Suitcase Entrepreneur is a handbook you need to have on your (digital) bookshelf. Natalie includes a deep dive into topics like choosing a country of residence and your options for paying taxes internationally — which the average business book just won’t cover. The book also has a hint of the travelogue about it, with the many examples Natalie integrates from both her own adventures and those of other location-independent entrepreneurs.

Natalie actually Kickstarted the publication of this book and has offered some behind-the-scenes looks at the process — check out her blog posts on Kickstarter to see them.

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