Review: Using the Social Web to Find Work

Chris Brogan is offering up a free e-book, titled Using the Social Web to Find Work. I think this is a topic that freelance writers absolutely need to pay attention to — most of us take on at least some online work and we all know that the good paying gigs aren’t likely to show up on bid sites or Craigslist. Instead, we need to be proactive about finding those opportunities.

As Chris discusses, social networks provide a way for us to find work. When a company is looking to staff a project, it comes down to who individual members of that company know — who is in their social network — and who they can easily find information about. That means that you have to learn to use your social networking skills in a way that might not be what you’re used to.

In Using the Social Web to Find Work, Chris covers improving your LinkedIn profile with future opportunities in mind, building a quality network, blogging as a resume and creating an online presence.

You can download Using the Social Web to Find Work from Chris’ website. It’s free and I recommend grabbing a copy right away.


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  5. Kakie   •  

    It seems that Lately I have come across Chris Brogan often on Twitter or other sites. I like the idea of leveraging social media to find gainful employment. The Social Media Breakfast in Minneapolis is having a seminar about this tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what I learn.

    • thursday   •     Author

      Chris Brogan is definitely a guy to follow if you have an interest in Twitter — or in social media in general. He really does know his stuff.

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