Single Niche Writing: Some Pros and Cons

Many writers limit themselves to a niche — a single topic or type of writing — for all of their work. There are plenty of benefits to this approach to the freelance business: A writer gets accustomed to their niche and can quickly complete assignments. A writer can also quickly build a solid reputation as an expert, or the go-to-guy, for that niche. This can translate into higher paying projects and a stable customer base.

There are a few drawbacks, though. A freelance writer relying on a single niche could face trouble if there aren’t a lot of potential clients in that niche — it can become impossible to grow one’s business and, if a writer loses a client, that client can be impossible to replace. It can also be surprisingly easy to burn out if a writer is facing similar assignments day after day.

Personally, I don’t think that reducing my business to a single niche will help me in the long run. I think that flexibility can be a greater asset to my income than stability — it puts me in a position to choose between a wider variety of work and generally grow my business in the long run.

What do you think? Has writing for a single niche helped you?


  1. Laura   •  

    Hi Thursday,

    I think that it depends on who you are writing for. If you are writing, covering various niches well can show flexibility to a potential client.

  2. don diba   •  

    this pro con debate is not very pertinent
    a writer has to be good, whatever the topic
    if you are really good in one topic, and the topic is allways in move, such as information technology, or medecine, it’s all right to have only one topic, provided you go on learning about it all time

    an interessting question could be : ” what did you learn in 2007, to what extend did you improve your self ?”


    don diba

    PS : a) forgive my poor english
    b) your “10 Steps to a More Global You” is good, thank you

  3. thursday   •     Author

    While I agree that there are some good reasons to stick to one topic, I do feel that there are some very relevant pros and cons — like I said, it can be easy to burn out if you focus on a single topic.

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