Speed Up Your Blogging Learning Curve

There is a lot of trial and error in blogging — it’s the way that most of us learn what works and what doesn’t. The only chance we get to speed up the learning curve is when we can sit down with bloggers who are further ahead of us in some way. Of course, convincing big-name bloggers to sit down and give us an hour of their time, free of charge is not exactly an easy proposition. If you’re interested in either launching your own blog or taking on more work for clients that involves blogging, wasting time to learn the information you need just ins’t practical.

There’s a great website that offers up a lot of the information we need in a much faster format. While we can’t always sit down one-on-on with bloggers we want to learn from, BlogcastFM offers incredibly informative interviews with a variety of bloggers. Srini Rao and Sid Savara sit down with different bloggers each week and conduct an in-depth interview, focusing on what they’ve done that has worked and what has failed. Because Srini and Sid are bloggers themselves, the interviews tend to be full of information that is incredibly useful. Some of the past interviewees include:

  • Leo Babauta
  • Peter Shankman
  • Dave Navarro
  • Johnny B Truant
  • Thursday Bram (yours truly)

Each interview digs into the blogger’s own experiences and lets you get a sneak peak at their process. Interestingly enough, I believe that Ali Luke and I are the only bloggers who came from a freelance writing background that BlogcastFM has interviewed. While you can skip over some of the struggles other bloggers have had with actually writing their content, though, there is a wealth of information on the mechanical side.

Listening to BlogcastFM

There are hundreds of hours of interviews on BlogcastFM and a mountain of information. Assuming that you do go back through and listen to each interview, I have some suggestions to make. First of all, these are not interviews that you want to listen to while doing something else — they are definitely not background noise. I can manage to listen to them while walking, because I can stop moving and take notes, but listening to them while driving is out of the question.

Second, be prepared to take notes. Each of the interviewees offers plenty of advice. Even if you’re listening to an interview with someone in a very different niche than your own, you’re likely to find something you can implement in your own work. Srini and Sid have made it possible to skip note-taking as of this week, with the addition of BlogcastFM Premium (D). While the interviews remain free to listen to, if you join the premium program, you’ll have access to worksheets and mindmaps from each call. These resources can speed up your ability to implement all the advice contained in each phone call.

The Upcoming Webinar

BlogcastFM is offering a free webinar tomorrow: “How I Grew a Blog to 20K Pages Views in 60 Days – My Secret That’s More Important Than Content.” Srini will be talking about his experiences and how quickly he’s grown his own blog, which is sure to help any blogger looking to increase site traffic. That includes writers who need to bring in more traffic to your professional sites.

I know that one of the toughest parts of blogging for many writers is handling the stuff beyond writing. We’ve got great content that is worlds beyond what folks without our backgrounds can produce. But if we can’t get what we’ve written in front of an audience, what’s the point?


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