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I took a big chunk of last week off for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t ignoring the existence of this blog, though. I put in some heavy-duty thought about where the blog is, and where I want it to go.

First of all, I feel like I’ve been a bit off-balance recently. I fell out of the habit of posting my daily word counts — which I regret and plan to start doing again. While I realize that you may not care how much text I’ve pounded out on a given day, it gives me a good personal benchmark. I’m debating whether to start posting where my other work appears again. I think a lot of my external writing falls into similar categories, but I am currently undecided. I also fell off the NaNoWriMo wagon. I kept telling myself that I would catch up on the weekend or later on, but the threads of my stories just fell apart.

My failings aside, I do feel that I’ve blogged about a lot of valuable information. I do track a lot of writing blogs, and very few really get down and dirty about the business details of writing. I like my topic, too, and plan to continue focusing on it. I do have a few selfish reasons for blogging, though. I consider this blog my portfolio, as well as an ongoing personal project. I like the fact that anyone interested in my work just needs to come to one place to see many examples of my work.

Lastly, I have a few goals for this site: I’m not looking for huge readership, which means that I’m not desperately trying to monetize the site. That’s a benefit for you, because it means no invasive advertising on the blog. That isn’t to say, though, that I’m not considering offering relevant items for sale through the blog. It’s a sort of ‘time will tell’ thing at the moment, though.

If you have any thoughts on things you’d like to see, please comment. I’d like to know what sort of information would be helpful and anything else you think might be worthwhile.

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