Good Things From Other People — June 9

The Healthcare Essay You Need to Read

Sarah Kliff’s essay for Vox on how patients’ free labor is crucial to our healthcare system echoes conversations I’ve had — but Sarah made the whole discussion a lot clearer.

Support AlterConf

In order to maintain the current pace of AlterConfs, Ashe Dryden needs to raise $100,000. I attended AlterConf Portland last year and it was one of the best conferences I’ve been to in my life. I encourage you to watch all of the videos from past AlterConfs, as well as financially support the events.

Make Your First Twitter Bot

Cheap Bots, Done Quick will help you create a new Twitter bot with no coding knowledge. Try it out!

Food by the Numbers

How would you culinarily display the number of people living near a nuclear power plant? What about the number of Facebook users in Arab Spring countries? That’s exactly the question driving Data Cuisine. The creators of the site also offer data cuisine workshops, where they team up with a local chef to create dishes that will represent local data.