The Business of Freelance Writing Carnival, Edition 19

The 19th Edition of the Business of Freelance Writing Carnival is right here! Next week will be our 20th carnival — I can barely believe it! If you’d like to submit a post or two, you can do so at Blog Carnival.

Kathleen Gage presents Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions: Get the most out of your blogging efforts! FREE report tells you how posted at Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions.

Kerrie Flanagan presents What Every Author Should Know posted at The-Writing-Bug.

AmyM presents Taking the Paperwork Out of Writing… posted at 3 Questions…and Answers.

Jonathan Deamer presents The 10 secrets of writing reviews that will keep readers coming back posted at Jonathan Deamer.

Steve Osborne presents What Should Freelance Writers Charge? posted at

Kevin Dayhoff presents 20080528 The Tentacle: Ham Nation by Kevin Dayhoff posted at Kevin Dayhoff – Soundtrack Division of Old Silent Movies.

Terry Dean presents From a Sale to An Experience posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Steve Osborne presents Discipline: Why Writers Need to be Strong posted at


  1. Freelance   •  

    What is the best industry for freelancing?

  2. thursday   •     Author

    I think that writing — assuming that you have the skills to produce good material — can be one of the best industries for freelancers. A writer has minimal needs in terms of both hardware and software, and there are always people looking for content.

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