The Business of Freelance Writing Carnival, Edition 24

This is the 24th edition of the Business of Freelance Writing Carnival. There’s some wonderful information in these links and I hope you’ll take the time to look at them. If you’d like to submit a post or two for the 25th edition, you can do so at Blog Carnival.

debergerac78 presents Pacing Plus: How to Follow, How to Lead posted at oDesk Insider.

Hendry Lee presents How Bloggers Can Collect and Make Use of Swipe File to Increase Readership posted at Blog Building University.

Ryan Healy presents Copywriting: The Goose that Laid a Golden Egg posted at Ryan M. Healy.

AmyM presents Waving the Flag…Americana Markets posted at 3 Questions…and Answers.

MBB presents Best Locations To Find Free WiFi Internet posted at Money Blue Book: Personal Finance Blog.

Missy presents Clunky: clumsy in style, form, or execution posted at Incurable Disease of Writing.


  1. Hendry Lee   •  

    Thanks for including my post in your blog. I appreciate that.

  2. Missy   •  

    Thanks for including my link in this week’s carnival. It’s much appreciated.

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