The Business of Freelance Writing Carnival, Edition 33

I’m happy to share the 33rd edition of the Business of Freelance Writing Carnival. If you’d like to submit a post or two for the 34th edition, you can do so at Blog Carnival.

KN Singer presents How to Write an Introduction – Five Important Steps posted at

Meg presents As Seen On Craig’s List posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

Brian Terry presents Copywriting – 5 Steps To Prepare posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Aahz presents Submission Rule Changes at Associated Content posted at Philaahzophy.

AmyM presents Syndication…It’s Not Just For TV Show Reruns posted at 3 Questions…and Answers.

AmyM presents Speaking From Experience…10 Markets for Personal Experience Articles posted at 3 Questions…and Answers.

AmyM presents An Interview…with novelists Vicki Hinze and Elizabeth Sinclair posted at 3 Questions…and Answers.

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