The Business of Freelance Writing Carnival, Edition 39

We have a great carnival this week. If you’d like to submit a post or two for the 40th edition, you can do so at Blog Carnival.

debergerac78 presents To All New Freelancers: Here’s the Secret to Success posted at oDesk Insider.

Khan presents 4 Steps To Going Freelance posted at Higher Education and Career Blog.

Dennis Scheffler presents Logo Design Ideas for Your Company posted at Logo Design Blog.

Ryan Healy presents You Know You’re a Freelance Copywriter If… posted at Ryan M. Healy.

AmyM presents Wanted 2…More Jobs for Writers/Editors posted at 3 Questions…and Answers.

AmyM presents Counting Down….National Novel Writing Month Deadline is Coming Up posted at 3 Questions…and Answers.

AmyM presents FREE-Lancing…When Should You Write for Free? posted at 3 Questions…and Answers.

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