The Business of Freelance Writing Carnival, Edition 6

This week’s carnival has some great posts — I hope you enjoy the sixth edition of the Business of Freelance Writing Carnival!

Timothy Gary presents Drama = Rocket Fuel For Success posted at Internet Success Bites.

Carol Bentley presents Cultural communication differences. . . posted at Copywriting Tips for Your Business by Carol Bentley.

Ryan Healy presents Business Growth: 3 Copywriting Lessons Worth Re-Learning posted at Ryan M. Healy.

Stephen Dean presents B.S. Excuses For Not Using Scarcity In Your Sales Copy posted at Copywriting Blog Focused On Internet Advertising.

Rebecca Suzanne Dean presents How To Research 5 Times Faster posted at Rebecca Dean.

Richard Lee presents Internet Business Ideas posted at Richard Lee.

Richard Lee presents How Controversy Works posted at Internet Business.

Marcus Hochstadt presents 5 Key Steps To Internet Business Success posted at Marcus Hochstadt.

Marcus Hochstadt presents Why Drafting Messages Saves You Time posted at Marcus Hochstadt.

Sagar Satapathy presents Take it Back! 100 Tips to Defeat Content Thieves posted at Virtual Hosting.

blue skelton presents Book Production Sites for Self Publishing posted at Blue Skelton Publications.

Carol Bentley presents Getting your thoughts on paper posted at Carol Bentley.

Sophia Levis presents How I made $45,624.08 Last Year Writing on the Internet posted at Sophia’s Blog.

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