The Business of Freelance Writing Carnival, Edition 7

We’re ready to serve up the 7th edition of the Business of Freelance Writing Carnival, just for you! Enjoy these great posts.

Susan presents How to Slow Down in Life and Enjoy Travel posted at The Innovative Traveler.

Ward Tipton presents Writer’s Block | The Write Page posted at The Online Writing Resource Center.

Carol Bentley presents Getting your thoughts on paper posted at Carol Bentley.

Alexander Kohl presents Determining Your Writing Fees | Freelance Writing Career posted at Freelance Writing Career.

Frederic Patenaude presents How to Write eBooks in Your Spare Time posted at Frederic Patenaude Talks.

Amber McNaught presents What employers look for in freelance writers posted at Writing-World – the site for freelance writers.

Ryan M. Healy presents A Tale of One Client, Three Copywriters, and a Space Ad posted at Ryan M. Healy.

Brent Diggs presents The Ominous Comma » Writing Prompts for the Not-So-Prompt posted at The Ominous Comma.

American Entrepreneur presents How to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business posted at American Small Business News.

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  1. BrentD   •  

    Thank you for including me in your lovely carnival. I usually get picked last for these sort of things.

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