The Changeblogger Meme

Time flies when you’re writing. Alex Rampy tagged me with a meme at the end of August and I set it aside for what I thought was a few days. Well, a few days became a few weeks and I figured I better get on it before it turns into a few months.

The meme is the Changeblogger meme: it’s a series of questions on how bloggers use their words to raise awareness, build community and improve the world.

What is one change – big or small, local or global – you want to see in your lifetime?

When it comes to change, I know I think a lot smaller than other bloggers. I want simplified tax filing for the self-employed. I want to make sure that beginning writers don’t think they really have to work at a dollar an hour. These are not changes on the order of clean water for a third world country or finding a cure for cancer.

But I think they’re valuable changes just the same. If I can help one other freelance writer build a solid career, that writer will be better equipped to send her children to college, spare time to volunteer for other causes and more. I find value in the work I do here, and I hope you do as well.

Who is already working this issue that you think others should support?

There certainly isn’t a lack of websites focusing on the issues freelancers face, but I think the Freelancer’s Union is particularly important. This organization started out as an effort to help freelancers of every kind get health insurance at affordable rates. They’re working on a variety of initiatives, including reforming the tax codes that effectively double-charge the self-employed.

How are you going to use your Web/tech/marcom skills to further this cause? (Or, what are you already doing that works?)

Making sure that freelancers can find the information necessary to help them build a solid business is equally important to keeping them up to date on the changes we’re working for in this arena. And while there are thousands of blogs devoted to helping writers improve their craft, there are only a few devoted to helping them improve their business skills. I like to think that this blog is a good resource in that direction.

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