The Countdown Starts on Enhanced Freelance

If you’re interested in getting a membership to, I want to remind you that you have until the end of the day Friday (Eastern time) to get in. We’re closing the doors then and we haven’t set a date yet for when we’ll next be open.

Why Are We Limiting Members in This Way?

I’ve gotten several questions on why we’re choosing not to continuously accept new members. After all, I’ve made no bones about the fact that this is a business enterprise for me. I like helping other freelancers, but I do expect to make money on it.

I want to create the best possible product and experience for the freelancers involved in, so that it continues to sell well in the future. That means making sure that each member has access to all the information he or she needs, that he or she gets a lot of help and support in the forums and generally gets individualized assistance.

That sort of help doesn’t scale as well as any one would hope. In order to keep it manageable, we chose to limit the number of members. As we get people integrated and used to, we can add new members without our current members suffering any lack of attention.

That’s why we’re shutting the doors on October 21st. Yes, we’ll open up again in the future and you can join then if you don’t get in now. We’d love to have you now, though — we want you to get a long term benefit from the site when you need it, not some far off day in the future.

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