The Idea of Co-working

One of the drawbacks of working at home is that, inevitably, you don’t have as many opportunities to interact with people. You run a risk that you’ll wind up talking to the cats or the walls, and, well, that’s not good for business.

But that’s where the idea of co-working comes in. Basically, it’s the idea that a bunch of people who normally work at home get together and work together. Some co-working groups have put together pretty spiffy digs, like Independents Hall in Philadelphia: for fairly low prices, just about anybody can get internet access, the use of a conference room, a sense of community and more.

Other groups are as plain and simple as they need to be. I meet up with a loose group of co-workers once a week at my local Starbucks. We work, discuss current projects and drink a ridiculous amount of coffee. And, I’ve got to say, I look forward to it all day. I don’t mind talking to my cats, but being able to talk to real live human beings can really help me work through problematic paragraphs.

Yes, co-working isn’t as cheap as sitting home all day. But, as focused as I am on money, even I don’t think it’s all about the money. Freelancing of any kind is about having a career that you enjoy and many of us can’t do that without the occasional conversation.

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