The importance of other writers

It may seem counter-intuitive to network with other writers — after all, they’re the competition. But you want to know plenty more than how you stack up against the competition. Your fellow writers can be one of the most important resources you have. It’s up to you to find them, though, because the average writer doesn’t show up for community networking events.

Think about it this way: who’s the first to know that a writer doesn’t have time (or the ability) to take on an assignment? The writer, of course. He or she may be willing to recommend another writer, or at least notify someone to contact a particular company. Furthermore, no market operates on simply one article — your network can lead you to new markets that match your talents. Your fellow writers can also be a good resource for checking up on  potential client, to see how they’ve treated freelancers in the past.

You may consider finding a mentor: someone who can give you advice on how you market yourself, how you operate your business and even help you tweak your writing. But you’ll want to find your mentor in the freelance writing community.

Lastly, you may just need someone to talk to that understands the issues you’re dealing with. Your family may not understand, if they’re 9-to-5-ers, but other writers will.

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